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Composition Type Sewer Cleaner Truck
Vehicles that manufacture sludge and night soil removal and sewage pipe channel dredging that is settled in dirty water pipe channel threading by composite do vacuum apparatus and high tension water sprinkling chapter on 1 vehicles so that is possible.
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Chasses Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
System Vacuum pump - Vain type
- Belt-driven by power take-off
- Prevention of noises device installation
Pump for washing - PLUNGER type,
- It have function that can control tension by air of vehicles and control device for work was placed
Sewage storage tank - Steel, Cylindrical welding structure
- When dump, do impact prevention chapter of multistage hydraulic
cylinder operation
Full water level alarm device - When carry a full load of by electronic sensor installation warning sound and alarm light are operation
Water tank - Steel, Cylindrical welding structure
- Structure, freezing and destroyed freezing prevention device installation that can look in the face guard of water
- Establishment low water level alarm system.
Hose reel (hydraulic) - Hose that is linked with pump for washing and washes piercing sewage pipe channel by oil pressure, fastening way anchor establishment that do 180 degrees turning possibility according to work direction
- Moving forward, setback and speed control possibility
- Assistance hose reel installation (Moving forward, setback and speed control possibility)
Inhalation hose for retractile boom - Manufacture by structure that suction hose is established along boom placed on tank upper part by device to do night soil inhalation work of gutter harmoniously
Working control device - Establish each mediation device can confirm work circumstance directly and operate and maximizes efficiency of work
P.T.O. - Control power that happen from engine by pneumatic actuated clutch in driver seat by device delivering by vacuum pump and spray pump.
Hose reel (mechanical type) - Establish on vehicles back side by device for cleaning etc.. of job site and vehicles. Water that become anaphora in pump controls and uses tension by water pressure regulator
Other - Tool box
Option - Auto T/M
- Warning light, Sign board, CCTV & camera with TFT monitor
- Possible customer¡¯s require for Painting & Graphics