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Vacuum Tank Truck
Equipment using inhales by vacuum pump and loads and transports industry dirty water and wastewater and excrementitiously matter
Division Contents
Chasses Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
System Tank - Capacity : Reflection terms desired of customer.
- Single construction
- Material : All steel (Inside epoxy coating)
- Hose hanger establish left, right of tank.
- Man-hole
PTO - Communicate power of chasses to belt furnace pump for vacuum pump operation.
Vacuum pump - Rotary type, belt-driven by power take-off
Liquid gauge - Establish on tank back side, and confirm easily capacity confirmation and suction rate, output by eyes.
Vacuum pressure gauge - When inhale, mark pressure state of vacuum state and when come forward in succession
Other - Tool box
Option - Auto T/M
- Warning light, Sign board, CCTV & camera with TFT monitor
- Possible customer¡¯s require for Painting & Graphics