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Combined Police Shielded & Covered Vehicle
SCV. shall be made for reinforcement of the limited shield operation at the gathering and demonstrating site and also to prevent direct physical encounter between police and demonstrator and to minimize injured person.
Division Contents
Chasses 4*2, Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
System Reinforced shock absorbing shield and endurable against iron pipe attack.
- Attach 1.2mm steel plate against the present 4*2 truck side and manufactured strongly to endure from attacking with stone and strong iron pipe by demonstrator.
- Width of the shield is longer than overall length of the vehicle and shock absorbing frame is installed at inner side of the shield.
Mount of overturn prevention system, Improvement of stability.
- To prevent overturn of the vehicle, outrigger(fixed jack 04) at front, rear left and right side of the vehicle is installed to draw out at the vertical direction from the ground.
- Operation apparatus is installed in the driver's seat and square tube type is made to defense against stone attack by demonstrator.
- On the contrary and inner side of the shield, separate safety apparatus to prevent overturn of the vehicle is installed.
Improvement of driving, operation and installation to avoid trouble.
- Mount of self-defense sprayer for self-fire extinguishing work to defense against an attack with gasoline bombing.
- Mount of fire extinguishing self-spraying system to defense against demonstrator's flame attack with such as gasoline bomb, etc.
Should also be prevented against loss and damage of the vehicle from fire etc.
Mount of hydraulic system. Quick installation and secure of mobile power.
- Mount of outrigger (fixed jack) and shield (lower part and assistant driver's seat) hydraulic system.
- This hydraulic system is operated when the engine is stopped.
Manufactured for combined use for cargo loading and shield work.
- The inner side of the covered vehicle shall be designed (weight, etc.) to be used for cargo loading.
- Attach strong square frame between the shield, covered vehicle, and sharp salient part on the rim, seam and surface should be trimmed to prevent injury especially for the experienced and participants.