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Smoke Eject File Truck
Blower and generator, illuminating system is fixed in fleet, fire truck that is manufactured so that can achieve function of smoke emission, illumination, power supplies for various fire fighting equipment, spot illumination etc. in fire suppression, personnel recovery, first aid, disaster, calamity etc. and other critical circumstance
Division Contents
Chasses - Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
Cabin - Single, 2-crew
Air conditioner & heater system - Air conditioner & heater apply to maker(commercial vehicle)s that deliver from a warehouse vehicle body without reconstruction.
Cab tilt system - Tilt device operated by manually and hydraulic system combined use
System Elec. equipment & device - Standard voltage : DC24V
- Blade Type Fuse & receptacle ?installation for battery charge
- Main switchboard and central studio system operating panel establishment
- Alternator system : DC24V, 150A, Battery less system
- Battery : MF. or Ca., 120A * 2
- Inverter : AC220V, 1500A
- Auto-Voltage converter establishment
- Transmitter-Receiver establishment
Sound Alarm system - Motor & electric motor siren
- GPS & Rear camera establishment
Warning Light - Main red wheel : To cap superior office by rectangular form (LED electric scoreboard internal type) establishment
- Side & rear side red wheel : LED type lamp
- Cross red wheel : Front & rear low part establishment.
Illumination - Door light, rear light, working light etc.
- Search light : 500,000cd
Storage system - Hexahedron box type
- Composition by drawer style and box-style, shelf style
Approach step - Established step on vehicles back side that can rise to roof of vehicles
- Ladder, folding step, slide type step
- 3 point lock type
Safety bar - A device that establishes by stainless steel on vehicles upper part, and when working, its maintain safety.
Blow system - Capacity : 200m3/min
- Electric motor operating
- Blow fan : Al. 8t
- Water mist system & nozzle for blow
- blow tube
AC Generator - Diesel 45hp, 30kw
Spare part - Negotiable