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Rescue Fire Truck
When act structure and fire, disaster, calamity spot, all equipments is durability, and is convenient in practical use considering peculiarity of lifesaving activity as well as effective confrontation of spot business gone long hours in particular circumstance and business and performance manufactures excellent fire fight truck.
Division Contents
Chassis Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
Cabin - Shape that upper part of cap protrudes, double cap, 5 passengers
- SCBA. Flush type seat
Air conditioner & heater system - Air conditioner & heater apply to maker(commercial vehicle)s that deliver from a warehouse vehicle body without reconstruction.
Cab tilt system - Tilt device operated by manually and hydraulic system combined use
System Crain Device - Hexagon, 4 steps, on the rear body establishment
- Max. salvage ability : 3,500kg
- Max. working radius area : 10m
- Max. working high : 12m
Winch Device - Max. salvage ability : 4,500kg(15,000lbs)
- Remote control application distance : 100m
- Weight : 50kg
Oil pressure increase Devise - Apply entrance pressure in 200 bars within, and peak in proportion to offered interest way out pressure is about 800 bars in normal condition.
- Valve establishment that can remove residual pressure in when connect oil pressure hose of high tension or when connect Quick Coupling oil pressure hose
Electric equipment & Devices - AC Generator : Series electric capacity 6kw, Internal type AVR
- Light tower : Xenon light(24V/35W 6ea),
folded size 1000mm600mm430mm
DC 24V, combined use remote control system
- Fire fighting exclusive use fuse box establishment
- Multi purposes switch operating panel and separate board :
Structure that control various red wheels and working lamp
radio system etc..
Multi purposes separate board
Radio Device - Radio for fire fight : 20W/GM3688
Sound alarm Device - Electron, electricity siren and air signal alarm
Rear camera & monitor
Warning light & Illuminate Dev. - Main Warning light : To cap superior office by rectangular form (LED electric scoreboard internal type) establishment
- Side & rear side red wheel : LED type lamp
- Cross red wheel : Front & rear low part establishment.
Tool disbursement for maintenance
Spare part - Negotiable