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- Runway Sweeper
- High Performance
  Chemical Fire Truck
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High Performance Chemical Fire Truck
- This special equipment vehicle is used by usage of lifesaving
  disaster control etc. in accident, scene of a fire.
- These vehicles consider effective confrontation of scene of
  disaster business and peculiarity of business gone long hours
  in particular circumstance and vehicles and negative
  equipment manufacture by structure of excellent durability.
Division Contents
Chasses Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
Cabin - Shape that upper part of cap protrudes, double cap, 5 passengers
- SCBA. Flush type seat
Air conditioner
& heater system
- Air conditioner & heater apply to maker(commercial vehicle)s that deliver from a warehouse vehicle body without reconstruction.
Cab tilt system - Tilt device operated by manually and hydraulic system combined use
System Pump Water Pump : 3-stage Centrifugal Type
- Performance : 6,000/min at 8.5 /
- Drive : Clutch P.T.O driven by vehicle's main engine
Vacuum Pump : Electric Rotary Vane Type
- Performance : 660mmhg/30 sec.
- Drive : Electric clutch from main pump
- Pump stops automatically when the water pump is full.
Control Panel One control panel is installed on each side of the vehicle, located in between the driver's cab and tank.
Monitor - Control : Electronic Auto Type
- Output : 5,000 /min at 8 kg/
- Rotation of Monitor : 360
Water Tank - 10,000, STS304, 500mm Manhole
- Structure : A box shaped structure capable
- Overflow Valve, Drain Pipe & Valve, Tank Level Gauge
Foam Tank - 2,000, STS316, 500mm Manhole
- Structure : A box shaped structure capable
- Overflow Valve, Drain Pipe & Valve, Tank Level Gauge
Electric Equipment - Motor Siren & Electric Siren
- Red Revolving Beacon
- Pump Compartment Lamp
- Level Gauge Lamp
- Working Light
Accessory for Operation - Suction Hose & Suction Hose Strainer
- Fire Extinguisher, ABC 1.5kg : 2 EA
- Union, Fire Hose, Water Nozzle & Nozzle Tip
- Variable Nozzle, Hose Jacket, Spare Tire & Carrier
- Oil Jack, O.V.M Tool, Cooling Water Cad Wrench
- Hose Wrench & Pump Grand Nut Wrench