- Lavatory Service Truck
- Respenser
- Portable Water Supply
- Hydrant
- Refueler
- Refueler for Military
- Helicopter Refueler
- Runway Sweeper
- High Performance
  Chemical Fire Truck
- Rescue Fire Truck
- Water Tank Fire Truck
- Smoke Eject Fire Truck
- Portable Safty Experience
- Pump Fire Truck
- Riot Control
- Road Sweeper
- Vacuum Tank
- Sewer Cleaner Truck
Camping Car
- Designed and manufactured for the large commercial aircraft
- Main function are fuelling, de-fueling and re-circulation
- Meet NFPA standard 385 & 407
- Safety devices of Dead-man control
- Jet level sensor Emergency shut-off and brake interlock
- Lifting platform is available to reach BOEING 700 series
Division Contents
Chasses Diesel Engine, Cap-Over Type, Manuel T/M, Air-Brake
Fuelling System Tank - Capacity : 4,000 ~ 10,000 GLS with 5% allowance
- Single Construction
- Material : All Stainless steel
Hydrant Coupler 4", Hydrant Fit valve , Dead-Man & Air pressure Control
In-take Hose 4", Host Lorry
Recovery Tank 25GLS , STS
& Monitor
1,000GPM, Air-filter, Internal valve, Air-vent
Meet API 1581 Group II, Class C
Flow Meter Digital-electric or Mechanical type
Hose Reel 2 1/2" non-ferrous internals and swivels, explosion proof electric motor rewinds.
Hose 1(One) discharge hose for reel, 2(two) discharge hose for deck
Dead-man Air control system by electric.
Venturi 4¡±sized to compensate for pressure loss
Nozzle Under-wing with 100 mesh screens and swivel disconnects
Lifting Platform
Hydraulically operated platform, 2(two) deck hoses and under-wing nozzles
Safety - Brake interlock system
- Emergency shut-off control
- Static ground reel
- Dead-man control
Control Electronic LOGIC Control System
Option - Auto transmission
- Ticketing Printer of flow-meter
- Possible customer¡¯s require for Painting & Graphics